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XAAN is a digital ecosystem

that connects guests, holiday home owners, and service suppliers in one place.

Our team expertise

> 10
years of digital transformation of top hotel chains
> 15
years of hotel management and operations

Our products

a staff management tool automating hotel operations
an automated solution for hotel guest experience including the guest chat and concierge services

This is for you, if you are...

— Restaurant Delivery
— Table Reservations
— Cleaning Service
— Laundry Services
— Fitness Classes
— Spa and Wellness
— Beauty services
— Excursions and Tickets
— Hiking and Adventure Tours
— Shopping and Parties
— Car Rentals
— Taxi Services
— Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off

How it works?

Guest Service
Web App
- web-based application available through a link
- available inside the apartments
by scanning the QR code
- online payment
- online order status tracking
Provider App
- push notifications on your phone
- email notifications
- dashboard with order details and reports
- open API
- order status tracking
- orders and tasks auto-routing

What we offer

Step 1
The guest chooses a service and places an order. Our in-app ordering and payment system securely holds the payment until the provider fulfills the order.
Step 2
The supplier receives a notification about the requested service and proceeds to fulfill it.
Step 3
After the service is delivered, the payment is processed and transferred to the supplier.

How you can become a service partner

Provide us the list of services and prices
Select services to be included in the platform considering limitations and requirements
Negotiate the commercial terms
We setup your service cards in the Guest app
Enjoy new orders and manage them on the Business app
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