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Frequently asked questions

Is this a marketplace like Airbnb?

No, we don't offer guests to book an apartment. We offer to order additional services. We have a B2C portal in our roadmap. If you think it would be a good idea, let us know.

What services does XAAN publish?

1. Supporting information about the city and its attractions.

2. In-house holiday homes services, including additional cleaning, repair requests, and late check-out.

3. Access to offers from verified third-party service providers, including rental services, grocery delivery, transfers, and more.

4. Genuinely designed services, such as luggage storage.

How much does it cost for me?

It's completely free for you. We generate revenue through commissions from our connected suppliers and operate on a commission share model with you. This means that you can provide services to your guests and have the opportunity to earn money while doing so.

How does XAAN guarantee the quality of service?

We select and connect only proven suppliers, considering factors such as positive online reviews and stringent contract terms. We also track every order to ensure seamless service delivery. Quality is of utmost importance to us, and we carefully review each feedback in detail. Our success is rooted in maintaining a high standard of service quality.

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