September 17, 2023

How to Create a Guest Experience in Short-Term Rentals?

In hospitality, the guest experience is everything. It's the total sum of every interaction your guests have with you, from the moment they book to the moment they leave. For top hotel operators, guest experience is a success factor that helps establish their brand, drive customer satisfaction, loyalty, and word-of-mouth promotion. It is of the same importance for owners of holiday homes and vacation rentals, though it can be challenging to elevate the guest experience in short-term rental, especially if you're limited on resources. However, today there are many tools and technologies available to help you automate tasks and improve operational efficiency.

Here are 6 easy tips from XAAN experts to make your guests' stay in your vacation rental unforgettable:

  1. Start with personalization – guests love that cozy home touch, and you can deliver. Imagine arriving at a top hotel where they already know your favorite type of pillow and have your preferred morning coffee waiting. Now, take that idea to your vacation rental: a welcome note and a small local treat show your guests you're tuned into their preferences. Even before their stay, a friendly message to discuss their plans adds that extra charm, just like how the best hotels make every guest feel like royalty.
  2. Use technology to enhance your guest services. New technologies, like the XAAN Guest web app, offer guests a seamless way to arrange airport transfers, in-room breakfasts, cleaning, laundry, and even book spa sessions and tours. This translates into a top-tier hotel experience complete with concierge amenities, all within the comfort of your vacation rental. Such guest service platforms give advantages for property owners, freeing up their time as services are managed by trusted suppliers and their quality is verified. Guests are spared from the task of searching the internet, while secure payment processing takes place directly within the app. Moreover, the holiday home owner receives a commission from every payment.
"Exceed expectations. It's not just about the property but also very much about offering additional unexpected services. Hosts must create the Wow Factor upon arrival, during, and after the stay for their guests"

Joep Peeters, Senior VP Franchise EMEA, Radisson Hotel Group, and XAAN advisor.
  1. Maintain high cleaning standards for the apartment or villa. Cleanliness is crucial for both a short-term rental and a hotel. Ensure your rental remains sparkling, spotless, and well-maintained, with fresh linens and towels. This can be managed by your own suppliers, or you have the option to outsource cleaning and maintenance to a service agent.
  2. Offer quality facilities. Guests will be delighted to find a fully stocked kitchen, high-quality linens, towels, and other essential amenities that can meet their needs. You can also provide guests with branded spa products for a touch of luxury. Moreover, consider offering additional perks like a welcome basket, complimentary Wi-Fi, and parking.
  3. Use smart home devices to your advantage. Smart home tech is giving short-term rentals a modern twist with some popular gadgets, such as remote keys, virtual assistants, automated lighting, temperature and water controls. For example, you could set up a smart thermostat so guests can adjust the temperature from their phone. You can also provide them with a virtual assistant that answers questions about the local area and gives recommendations.
  4. Communicate effectively. Respond quickly to questions or concerns guests might have, helping them feel at ease. Modern technologies like chatbots and AI can make this smoother. Another example is to share the XAAN Guest web app link in a welcome email or a QR code in the apartment for your guest convenience. In a mobile-friendly web version of the site, guests can discover a welcome package containing important information about the rental. This ranges from check-in/check-out times, building facilities, and housing rules to local tips, attractions, and emergency contacts.

By following these tips, you can create a great guest experience that will set your short-term rental apart from the competition and make your guests happy.